Ralph Lauren Snow Beach + more

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Gone before you could get your hands on it. I remember this Ralph Lauren stuff from the first time around. Original pieces were so cheap just a few years ago and now go for mad money as there has been a 90s revival in fashion circles. This style of Ralph Lauren makes a pleasant change from the Supreme circle jerk that seems to have become a parody of hype beast culture. It is interesting how Nike that should have rode this trend is currently in the doldrums. Expect a Timberland style brown boot revival next and I hope that skinny jeans finally die. More streetwear related content here

“This Is Serious”: Facebook Begins Its Downward Spiral | Vanity Fair – saying nothing that the industry hasn’t been saying for years

Publicis Groupe Press Release | Business Wire – is undergoing a destabilization attempt following the dissemination to its auditors and some financial analysts of an anonymous letter stating that Publicis Groupe overvalued its organic growth for 2016 and 2017 through an early application of IFRS 15

Financial Times WPP shares slide as Credit Suisse downgrades ad agency – (paywall)

Amazon is threatening Google’s ad space monopoly, WPP CEO Martin Sorrell says | CNBC – Amazon already owns many e-commerce searches

Bose names WPP group as global agency | News | Campaign Asia – across creative, media and digital along with localisation and production

Does Wall Street Finally Care About Sustainability? HBR – skeptical (with reason) on BlackRock’s social business spiel

ITS Automakers and Policymakers May Be on a Path to Electric Vehicles; Consumers Aren’t – ITS – price, poor performance of vehicles versus petrol and diesel vehicles, the secondhand market in electric vehicles is borked due to battery ownership etc

Texas Job Growth Swings More With Services Than Oil | Dallas Fed – which shows how diversified the Texas economy has got over the last 30 years

GoPro Shutters its Developer Program | Programmable Web – that doesn’t look too good

Report: Apple to cease iPhone X production in midyear thanks to lackluster sales – SiliconANGLE – more complex, how does it fit in the 2018/2019 product set