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SALE: don’t believe the hype

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My Mum loves a bargain and looks forward to sales at her local stores. Like many people she thinks that some stores may put in special stock that they have shipped in to sell especially at this time amongst items that have just not sold. Allied Carpets was often the butt of jokes for its never-ending sales, but thought of as the exception rather than the norm.

Sale basket in Shenzhen

A friend here in Shenzhen got this basket from a market here. The markets are usually full of production overruns and samples. What I found interesting about this item was that it had a UK sale tag attached.It reads £29.99  £19.99 SALE.

My initial reaction was how can it be reduced if it hasn’t even reached the shopfloor yet? It was an interesting proof-point of how retailers play customers as chumps. By all means enjoy bargain hunting but don’t believe the SALE hype.

中国 | china | 중국 消费者行为 | consumer behaviour | 소비자 행동

Countdown on the traffic lights

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Countdown on the traffic lights, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

One of the most interesting things I found during my time in Shenzhen was the concept of time and traffic congestion. Waiting at a traffic lights is a time for catching up on reading, making phone calls, sending text messages or returning emails. Hands-free kits are the exception rather than the norm and dead time is wasted time on the road so the traffic lights have a countdown timer letting you know how much time you have to wait; and once the lights are green how much time you have to get across the junction.

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The electric scooter

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Electric scooter, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

These are probably the scariest things that you are likely to encounter in China. They are fast enough to be dangerous, but slow enough to be annoying for other road users. They make no sound so pedestrians can’t hear them coming.

It doesn’t pay to be green in this case.