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Perfect market on internet?

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Online perfect market introduction The train of thought on this blog post about online as a perfect market coalesced when I was re-reading Kevin Kelly’s New Rules for the New Economy for the first time in a decade. Kelly’s book built on the work done by fellow Wired contributor John Browning who pulled together The […]

Intellectual property and the EU

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Intellectual property legislation has been in the news for the past few weeks as years of lobbying by industry bodies like the RIAA, MPAA and the IFPI have hit a consumer road block. In the UK, the Digital Economy Act which was largely due to the work of the lobbying team at the BPI squeezed […]

Lunar new year culture clash

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Just before lunar new year an incident happened on Hong Kong’s MTR mass transit system between a group of ‘mainlanders’ and Hong Kong natives.So what drove this flare up around lunar new year? There are a number of points at which friction occurs between the two societies. The modern city of Hong Kong has largely […]

Product design stalemate?

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Kurt Anderson wrote an essay in Vanity Fair where he argued that product design in everything from fashion to homewares has stood still over the past two decades. It was an interesting that got me thinking about hypothetical reasons why his theory maybe true.There were a number of possible factors that I came up with: […]

Barusch gets story wrong

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Last week I commented on a blog post by Ronald Barusch called Dealpolitik: Yahoo!’s survival plan. In his post Barusch critiques Yahoo! Inc.’s pursuit of different options for the company. Part of his critique reflected on Microsoft’s hostile takeover bid for the company three years ago: True, with hindsight the Yahoo board made a world-class […]