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Eliot Higgins & things from last week

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Eliot Higgins Eliot Higgins talks about the origins of Bellingcat. The investigations that Bellingcat has done to date and some of the techniques that it uses in investigations. Higgins has written an account of Bellingcat which goes into open source intelligence and new investigative journalist techniques. Bellingcat are also famous for their courses, where they […]

How to use RSS?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes How to use RSS – isn’t a question that I thought would be ever asked. I put together a guide some eight years ago and had been meaning to update it for a while. I was reminded to do this by Wadds recent post on RSS. I realised  there is likely a whole generation of netizens […]

My Web Toolbox

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Over time I’ve built up a web toolbox that help with my workflow. This is many of the ones which have bailed me out of trouble time and time again. Communication Slack – yes i know that it seems like hipster CB radio. But its popular and you are likely to need to get with […]