Guanxi online + other news

Reading Time: 3 minutes Guanxi 56minus1 :: » guanxi in the Chinese web :: – the rapid rise of Chinese social media has resulted in changes in guanxi. This means more pressure on the government to take action bypassing guanxi. Influencers and experts with a following have a new form of guanxi Business Yahoo Announces Next Steps in Open… Continue reading Guanxi online + other news

Media casualty: PingMag

Reading Time: < 1 minute PingMag has long been an inspiration for this blog with their reportage of Japanese culture and design. Unfortunately they posted their last post yesterday, though there are talks of another publishing company taking over. PingMag showed that there was more to Japanese culture and design than school girl uniforms, cos play outfits and Hello Kitty.… Continue reading Media casualty: PingMag

Crowdsourcing project for manga translation wrapping up

Reading Time: 2 minutes an innovative project run by Japanese publishers to try and meet the pent up demand in the West for manga is wrapping up at the end of February 2009. The service allowed customers to download and read manga as an electronic book via a proprietary PC-only application. The books were translated from Japanese by… Continue reading Crowdsourcing project for manga translation wrapping up