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Things that caught my eye this week

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I didn’t want to talk about space aliens. Given that some people are currently beating up on network engineers and destroying 5G network infrastructure, this art project about space aliens and electro-magnetic radiation might be considered to be a bit close to the bone. Space Aliens are no longer visiting Earth due to an allergy to our cell phones – the storytelling neatly taps neatly into the cold war and X-Files peak of alien abduction and combines it with ambient music.

Keep It Real Online is a great campaign by the New Zealand government highlighting the risk and appropriate action parents can take regarding online behaviour.

Keep It Real Online – New Zealand government

YouTube channel Awkward Puppets has become active again over the past couple of months. Imagine if Sesame Street characters grew into awkward post-modern adults.

Maybelline Launches ‘Spread Good Vibes’ COVID-19 Campaign in Thailand Branding in Asia | Branding Asia Magazine – a lovely bit of insight: that make-up and mutual social affirmation ‘good vibes’ will do wonders for how we feel during COVID-19. It also taps into Thai women’s love of beauty products. The execution was nicely done using augmented reality. The campaign was done by MRM for Maybelline-Thailand. More Thai-related posts.


Ali Goldsworthy was on BBC Radio 4: Four Thought. She explained why campaigns which succeed by polarising people can cause long-term harm, and suggests ways we might tackle the resulting damage.

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Things that caught my eye this week

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Sophisticated card skimming in Mexico by a Romanian criminal gang was first highlighted by Brian Krebs. This documentary was produced by the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and features Brian Krebs. It is amazing how audacious this sophisticated card skimming scheme was.

Sophisticated card skimming in Mexico with Romanian criminal gang.

Adam and Eve DDB’s Les Binet on COVID-19 and recommendations on marketing. Much of it is more common sense and nuanced consideration than simple rules by other people. The key outtakes here compared to some of the stuff that I have seen coming out of Ogilvy Asia is the differentiation between supply-side driven recession and demand-side driven recession.

Elders Corner is a documentary that focuses on the political context that Afrobeat exists and had been played in. It tells the stories of Nigeria’s musicians who pioneered the Afrobeat sound and the role of their music in society during a time of tremendous political upheaval.

Asian brands really seem to have taken to Animal Crossing, with a Hong Kong eatery hiring a marketer to build their Animal Crossing presence. The Global Pride festival seems to be no exception to brands and culture going into Animal Crossing. The creator tools allows creative expression that works really well for Pride month celebrations.

In the same week that Boston Dynamics released their ‘Spot’ robot, a Thai shopping mall are doing an interesting exercise in human computer interaction featured in the Singapore media Robot dog hounds Thai shoppers to keep hands virus-free – TODAYonline. I’d love to know if they managed to gather effectiveness data around this initiative. The only thing that surprised me about this was that it was a Thai shopping mall, rather than one in Singapore.