Tom Ford + more news

Reading Time: 6 minutes Tom Ford The panellists look back to Tom Ford, in particular his notorious, provocative advertising campaigns during his tenure as creative director of Gucci, while wondering whether his present day collections have the same impact. The glamour of the Tom Ford tenures at YSL and Gucci including the old collections is also dissected. The analysis… Continue reading Tom Ford + more news

Content in the online realm

Reading Time: 6 minutes The nature of content in the online realm To think about content in the online realm it makes sense to go back to 1964. In 1964, the idea of being online and exposed to hypermedia was the stuff of information theory papers and the fevered dreams of researchers on government projects trying to build working… Continue reading Content in the online realm

Walk Walk Walk Home + other things

Reading Time: 2 minutes Walk Walk Walk Home Tokyo based digital experiential agency teamLab came up with an interesting installation in the basement of GINZA 456. But the exhibition was live-streamed so that viewers from around the would could enjoy Walk Walk Walk Home. Walk Walk Walk Home was designed to provide a COVID-safe experience, that still fostered community.… Continue reading Walk Walk Walk Home + other things