Links of the day

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Will Zynga Become the Google of Games? – – nice profile of Zynga

Digital Domain – Even With All Its Profits, Microsoft Has a Popularity Problem – – Microsoft’s financial performance is not not reflected in its share price and a far bit of that has to do with the corporate communications letting the organisation down

中古レコード・CDの販売/買取 COCONUTS DISK – awesome Tokyo record store

Sissy Bounce, New Orleans’s Gender-Bending Rap – – Derek B’s 808 roll on Rock the Beat is a cornerstone, immortalised like The Winston’s Amen Brother. Really interesting sound very similar in spirit to the roots of hip-hop like the live shows back in the day at Harlem World

Why United States Lawsuits Against Chinese Companies Are Trending Up. Just Follow The Money. : China Law Blog – part of the development process for Chinese companies becoming global players

The end of the bandwidth race is here – The Inquirer – interesting take on the network infrastructure challenges faced by the UK

Webinar Recording: Impact of Social Technologies to the Analyst Industry « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang – social media and analyst relations

Facebook: Welcome PR “flacks” of the world | Reuters – interesting that Facebook felt PRs needed a 101 in the social network. Is engagement slipping?

Monocolumn – Book fair stories [Monocle] – I love Hong Kong which is why it saddens me that Jeffrey Archer’s books seem so popular there, actually its less of a feeling and more of a gagging sensation as I want to vomit

Big Money: AOL’s Beauty Pageant With Google, Microsoft For New Search Deal – interesting that there are more than two companies competing for AOL’s search traffic. Techcrunch says Yahoo! but it could be Ask?

Playdom CEO John Pleasants: why “social gaming” will die | VentureBeat

Twitter CEO celebrates dramatic growth in Japan › Japan Today – Japanese people make up about 12 per cent of Twitter’s global user base

Slashdot Linux Story | Open Source Participation Gains Support In China – congratulations to Taobao for the contributions that its making to the open source software community