Beehives + more news

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Melixa | Innovative smart beehives for remote monitoring – beehives as smart cities for bees. I wonder if this is will do anything for colony collapse disorder (CCD) ravaging beehives around the world.

Google combining Android and Chrome is bad for developers – Business Insider – my problem with tablets is their ‘lugablity’. I found the original iPad too big

Microsoft has trapped its biggest partners between a rock and a hard place (MSFT) | BusinessInsider – “The Surface Book will have a harder time stealing away MacBook users,” says Linn Huang, an analyst for IDC. “The Apple brand has been sticky, and I don’t have much cause to think it won’t continue to be in the immediate future.” – whilst it might appeal to enterprise customers, it is also a big threat to existing Microsoft OEMs. There is a larger question about whether the touch interface is the right context for a lot of laptop work, which is one of the reasons why Apple has kept iOS and OSX separate despite their Darwin / BSD / Mach microkernel guts

Why Windows XP Won’t Be Going Away Anytime Soon | Makeuseof – interesting challenge that Microsoft has in that its greatest competitor is is older products

‘Can’t hide it forever’: The model who became a meme – BBC News – I can’t see JWT coming out of this well

Carrier DT Targets Startups After Europe Agrees Net Neutrality Rules | TechCrunch – inevitable based on the recent EU regulatory changes

Nexus 6P Teardown – iFixit – interesting teardown, appalling repairability. More gadget related content here.

Mead Johnson dives into parenting issues using WeChat | Marketing Interactive – influential parent campaign on WeChat

BuzzFeed Press Blog – A cross-platform global network – interesting vision piece on the future of Buzzfeed by Jonah Peretti

WeChat Still Way Ahead of Facebook | L2: The Daily – really good slideware on messaging platform