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Integrated agency wins

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I started thinking about integrated agency wins when I read that Asda appointed Publicis after a short pitch process this week.
What was notable about the win was that it covered both creative and media briefs. Notable enough to become a conversation topic when I met up with industry friends for coffee. Integrated wins are not that common.

WPP has managed to win global single agency accounts:

Then there was Enfatico for Dell.  Enfatico struggled with personnel changes at the client and client culture.

The Publicis deal is is more modest in one respect, it only affects Walmart’s UK business, but is still £95m.

On the face of it, integrated appointments have a lot to offer, so why aren’t they more common?

Let’s first look at the pros of an arrangement:

Barriers to adoption:

Weakness of a combined media and creative agency arrangement:

There are also weaknesses with the single client agency model as WPP has done it:

While Asda have taken an interesting first step, hiring an integrated offering. The hard work is only now starting:

More posts on WPP here, and Publicis here.

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