K pop bandwagon & things that made last week

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Puma have got on the K pop bandwagon to sell sneakers to Indonesians. Historically Korean brands have been most adept at getting on the K pop bandwagon. It is as common as chips in Korea. They have started to extend these K pop bandwagon campaigns abroad. Foreign brands have started to get in on the act. For instance, Girls Generation partnered with Casio’s Baby G range of watches. More Indonesia related content here

A vintage advert from Apple that was all about storytelling through its customers. What’s On Your PowerBook. What’s interesting is the storytelling and the ‘lone computer user’ narrative of the Apple PowerBook. It leaned into the otherness of Apple products in the Windows world and equated that otherness to being fashion forward. During the dark days Apple was a hold out in the creative industries from graphic design to fashion and novelists.

What's On Your PowerBook?

Nike have launched a more polished looking self lacing trainer fulfilling the promise of the future from the film Back To The Future 2. They also did a good video that discusses the design of the Nike BB Adapt sneaker. The interview gives you a good insight into the Nike innovation and design process.

Pretty much everyone has shared their opinion on Gillette’s virtue signalling dog whistle advert on toxic masculinity – so I feel no reason why I should anything to the discussion. Instead, check out this Bosch ad that I got through my friend Ian. Where do you start with it? Its not nerd core as its trying to hard. I could think of a few reasons why the main protagonist lives alone with this smart home and smart car. I am sure that there would be a lot of raised eyebrows in Germany over it. Its very far away from where I would have thought that the Bosch brand would be.