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Living with the Apple Watch

Reading Time: 3 minutes I got the first iteration of the Apple Watch and managed to put up with it for about 48 hours before giving up on it. I have managed to persevere with the the Apple Watch 2. Apple managed to speed up the performance of glanceable content, but it still doesn’t have the use case nailed.… Continue reading Living with the Apple Watch

48 hours with the Apple Watch

Reading Time: 5 minutes My experiment with the Apple Watch is part of a larger project. I  decided to experiment with wearables a while ago. My first experiment was with the Casio G-Shock+ series of watches that takes the well-loved brand and drops some rudimentary notification function, BlueTooth LE capability and a companion iPhone app together as a workable… Continue reading 48 hours with the Apple Watch

First Apple Watch impressions

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was underwhelmed by the Apple Watch wearable product. It is impressive what they have done, but from a product design point of view the case looks cumbersome rather like a slightly better Samsung Gear. The use of haptics was one of the smarter things that I saw in the demonstration and the use of emoji… Continue reading First Apple Watch impressions