Morality + other news

Reading Time: 6 minutes Morality One in 10 Brits admits to lying pretty much all the time | Quartz – great PR story. How else do you build an empire over a third of the world by guile and a selective approach to morality? The UK tried to establish a common morality with the Empire as mother and the… Continue reading Morality + other news

Hand scanning + more news

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hand scanning Swedish city introduces payment by hand scanning – The West Australian – having your biometrics such hand scanning to be used as authentication; I am sure that there ethical issues with this. You can change a password, but you can’t change your biometrics. Fujitsu have had an ATM up and running that reads the… Continue reading Hand scanning + more news

Mobile data + other news

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mobile data Consumers Want More Mobile Data, But Simply Don’t Want to Pay | Parks Associates – this analysis of mobile data makes me think that mobile providers have failed to articulate the benefits of mobile data. Secondly it is probably also a symptom of the way mobile devices are used a lot in the… Continue reading Mobile data + other news