Beheadings + more things

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The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed | WIRED – moderation might make up half the staffing numbers of social media sites. The materials is not only traumatic for the moderation staff, but often criminal evidence. Deleting beheadings might be disposing of war crimes evidence. As repulsive as beheadings are, they could be responsible for ensuring criminals get the justice that they deserve.

China’s Assault on Corruption Enters the C-Suite | WSJ – could also be encouraging management to move the business out of the state sector

HP Eyes Chinese Partner For Router Division | Young’s China Business – not convinced about the upside for Huawei given that it has already built an enterprise business

Programmatic buying no solution without data breakthrough | Campaign Asia – data sharing a key issue

China Mobile’s ARPU Drops While Net Profit Sinks 9.7% – voice calls and SMS down presumably due to OTT messaging services

Daring Fireball: Retailers Are Disabling NFC to Block Apple Pay – not convinced but it is an interesting move, they think that mobile wallets give them a chance to disintermediate merchant services (bank debit card services, credit card services, charge cards)

LG unveils Nuclun, its very own smartphone chip | The Inquirer – interesting move by LG; a stratagem to cut costs and differentiate in a commoditised Android handset marketplace. Expect the chipset to move into other consumer electronics

Want to dance? Cabinet approves revised law easing regulations on dance clubs | Asahi Shimbun – Japan eases laws that was killing its dance music scene, probably about the Olympics in 2020. The LDP will be kill joys on nightlife in the future again

Facebook and Yahoo Find a New Way to Save the Web’s Lost Email Addresses | WIRED – Aol should be crying out be part of this as well surely?

The Asian Luxury Market Is Stumbling – Business Insider – Thailand and Hong Kong apparently

footnoted* — What’s $8m to Google? – interesting article about Nikesh Arora. Is this similar to his departure from T-Mobile?

Procter & Gamble Sets Duracell on New, Independent Course – – interesting move, how will it affect Duracell distribution?

High-tech jewellery to help you unplug | Tech blog – interesting and smart (from a design perspective) lack of ambition for the devices, context is king

William Gibson: The Future Will View Us “As a Joke” | Mother Jones – any interview with William Gibson is a good thing

Peak Google | stratechery by Ben Thompson – interesting article

Apple Strengthens Pull of Its Orbit With Each Device – – interesting analysis – Google is going on a similar trajectory and Microsoft has already been there for a while (paywall)

Luxury goods: The end of ostentation | Campaign Asia – APAC markets less interested in flash luxury (paywall)

Tod’s ignites ecommerce sales with online only handbag promotion | Luxury Daily – limited edition bag rather than discounts

Material Design Icons | Prosthetic Knowledge – Google have open sourced a pile of icons

False and misleading? Advertising on social media in China and Hong Kong | Freshfields – great summary of the legal position (PDF)

Quick Reply – PressRush – interesting idea for the media

94% of Chinese shoppers research on mobile while in-store. | Resonance China – comparison numbers with other countries in Europe

China collecting Apple iCloud data; attack coincides with launch of new iPhone | – probably implemented to deal with the increased device security that the FBI is wringing their hands about