Smartphone value system

Reading Time: 4 minutes Benedict Evans in his post Unbundling innovation: Samsung, PCs and China compared the value system of smartphone industry to the PC industry where value began to be hollowed out and the market became commoditised. Evans claims that this hollowing out of the value system is already happening to Samsung. Part of the challenge is that… Continue reading Smartphone value system

Naspers + other news

Reading Time: 6 minutes Naspers Red-Hot Web in China Richly Rewards Foreign Investors (David Barboza/New York Times) – great to see that Naspers were getting a bit of respect. Naspers is a South African media company that moved into online retail and venture capital investing. Naspers were fortunate to buy into Tencent in 2001 and become their largest shareholder.… Continue reading Naspers + other news

Taxiwise + other news

Reading Time: 3 minutes Taxiwise Cab Ordering Service ‘Taxiwise’ Has Been Acquired By IKKY, a Likeminded Booking Platform – StartupsHK – it does beg the question, are taxi apps a feature of a larger logistics booking service or a wholly fledged offering in their own right? Taxiwise is a mobile and web taxi booking service for business travelers, foreigners,… Continue reading Taxiwise + other news