Apple Goes Moto? Don’t believe the hype

Reading Time: 1 minute Motorola and Apple have agreed to bring the iTunes jukebox and music service to mainstream Motorola phones. Interesting deal by Apple invading the mobile music player space that RealNetworks has called its own. Will this service work on Microsoft powered Motorola phones or is this deal just a pile of hot moto like the Motorola […]

3G Phones Make You Sick

Reading Time: 1 minute Today’s link, a report by a Dutch research organisation TNO on the adverse health effects of UMTS (3G in geek speak) mobile phone masts. If they think that is bad they should try using my Three phone, the service is enough to make you as sick as a parrot. Are mobile phone companies the next […]

Ur goin ome in a St Jons ambulnc

Reading Time: 1 minute Industry analyst CurrentAnalysis have launched a Euro 2004 themed advisory report entitled Exploiting Revenues from Football and Other Sporting Events. The upshot of the report is that in order for mobile operators to capitalise on sports coverage rights they need to look to build a community spirit via their mobile portals, for instance by mobile […]

Hold onto your old cell phone…

Reading Time: 1 minute New Nokia phones should be due out in the next six months or so and they look half decent. Nokia software in an LG/Samsung style case has got to be a surefire winner. Read more at Gizmodo (mainly because they have lots of pretty pictures). Nokia has doubleddown since hitting turbulence in its plans for […]

Tear it Down and Put it Back Together Again?

Reading Time: 1 minute is a special kind of business consultancy. They take apart gadgets, work out how they work, a component count, a complete list of materials, cost out how much they cost to make and critique the product design. A sort of cut-price reverse engineering. You can buy their reports singlely or subscribe to their service. […]