Mobile TV nation joins tech rocketship

Reading Time: 1 minute Over at his blog, my friend Ian Wood is talking up multicasting technology as being one of the future drivers for mobile technology after conversations that he has had in the course of his work with Nokia and Crown Castle. This idea of media everywhere has also come up in briefings I have had regarding … Read moreMobile TV nation joins tech rocketship

Big Mobile meets Big Food

Reading Time: 3 minutes In what has now passed into geek folklore a young Steve Jobs recruited PepsiCo CEO John Sculley to go out to Silicon Valley and run Apple Computer with words to the effect of “Do you want to make a dent in the universe, or do you want to sell fizzy-sugared water all your life?” Unfortunately … Read moreBig Mobile meets Big Food

What a load of WiMax!

Reading Time: 1 minute Thanks to the Interesting People email list for flaging this article called World Domination Postponed in The Economist. Key points: Whilst many companies claim that they offer WiMax kit, you can’t buy it. There are no devices certified by the WiMax Forum, the guiding industry body. (Though I have heard of it being used for … Read moreWhat a load of WiMax!

Big Mobile

Reading Time: 1 minute At one time very long ago, Doctors could be seen on cigarette advertisements advocating the beneficial properties of menthol laced tabs. Viz magazine spoofed this and the ‘Guinness is good for you’ advertisements with their range of ‘Ciggies and drink keep you in the pink’ spoof ads and merchandise. Now we all know better, that … Read moreBig Mobile

3G surprise

Reading Time: 1 minute I got rid of my 3G brick from Hutchison 3G UK in August when my contract ran out and am now back on a normal phone. One of my friends Andrew was asked by Orange to try one of their 3G handsets, a Sony Ericsson device. Whilst being no slim jim, it is svelte compared … Read more3G surprise