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Computing pioneer Alan Kay on AI, Apple and future – FactorDaily – interesting take on current approaches to AI by computer pioneer Alan Kay

Fail-Safe Nuclear Power | MIT Technology Review – interesting read. China is betting big on fast breeder reactors, sodium-cooled reactors and fast breeder reactors. Technology that the west was ahead on and then walked away from for various political rather than technical reasons. The ironic thing is that we’re instead left with reactors that owe more to military needs than energy needs due to Admiral Hyman Rickover’s support of the pressurised water reactor in commercial usage.

Economic Anxiety Really Is (Part of) the Reason White Men Are So Pissed Off | Mother Jones – I would expect similar patterns driving this in the UK as well. More on economics related issues here

Breitbart takes its pro-Trump evangelism to the Bernie Bros. – The Washington Post – The polls suggest the pitch may not play well with most Sanders voters. But among the hardest core holdouts, there’s a chance Breitbart’s outreach could work. Many Sanders supporters resent the mainstream media, which they see as neglecting to take them seriously or address their concerns adequately. When they find a news outlet that treats them differently, they latch onto it tightly.

Accountability Journalism: A Cost-Benefit Analysis – Nieman Reports – interesting, but I wonder what the ROI was to The Washington Post which is probably a more pertinent consideration for media companies at the moment

Joshua Topolsky, Former Verge Editor, Raises Funding for Digital Media Venture – WSJ – funding round was led by the New York-based RRE Ventures, which has invested in the likes of BuzzFeed, Business Insider and the Skimm. Other investors include Advancit Capital, Boat Rocker Ventures and Nextview Ventures. (paywall) More media related content here.

‘Webcam hackers caught me wanking, demanded $10k ransom’ – ABC – great headline, serious article

Mercedes-Benz uses influencers to reach millennials | Digiday – every brand is starting to look like Red Bull’s Mediahouse

Uber to pour $500m into global mapping project – – interesting that they don’t want to use HERE, TomTom or Google. $500m isn’t enough to support detailed 3D mapping for Uber’s autonomous car project

Uber to Merge China Business With Didi to Create $35 Billion Company – Bloomberg – the best outcome that Uber could have hoped for in China

A messaging app will overtake Facebook by end of 2017 | Techinasia – interesting speculation by Simon Kemp, I think he’s right. The pendulum is swinging back towards privacy so this makes a perfectly sensible prediction. The only challenge is the huge footprint that Facebook has makes it a tall order to achieve

Baidu Announces Second Quarter 2016 Results | PRNewswire – finances tanked due to Chinese government issues

The chip card transition in the US has been a disaster | Quartz – with the model of the EU and many APAC countries there for them already, how could they make such a mess of it? This is beyond me