IPSec Flaw + more things

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Expert calls for network security protocol vetting – Xinhua | English.news.cn – I don’t blame the sentiment expressed given OpenSSL vulnerability Heartbleed and IPSec flaw; however it would be good if the Chinese government contributed positively to the open source community rather than it being a one-way street. What the great unknown is how often the MSS has exploited zero day flaws in protocols in the way that the NSA used the IPSec flaw. There is also a presumption that bugs are deliberate in nature. Which makes one think about the sloppy code in Huawei products

China denounces US tech ‘pawns’ | FT – expect huge government backlash against non Chinese brand devices, this gives them a free hand while still being within WTO guidelines

WhatsApp usage among Baby Boomers up 60% in last 6 months | GlobalWebIndex – what little cool WhatsApp may have had is gone

Interview with China Luxury Research Lead Emma Li | L2 ThinkTank – some interesting reading here

STOP THE MADNESS! Samsung just unveiled a smartphone that’s bigger than some tablets | BGR – the Samsung photo says it all. BGR on phablet backlash

How fashion geeks turned a blog into a business | Marketing Interactive – good to see my friend Virginia getting some kudos

McDonald’s Has Unwillingly Been Pulled Into the Thai Protests | VICE News – interesting how McDonalds was appropriated against its will, something other brands should consider and plan for

Cavium Thunder Rattles Xeon | EE Times – the challenge would be coding to use that many cores efficiently

Why Chinese Booze Costs More Than Fine Wine at Auction – WSJ540 milliliter bottles of Moutai produced in the 1980s sold for between 60,000 yuan ($9,700) and 70,000 yuan ($11,300). That was up from between 50,000 and 60,000 yuan last year, and around 30,000 yuan at the end of 2012. – Aged Moutai does well as new bottles get cheaper

US Firms Walk PR Tightrope As China Clamps Down | Holmes Report – the bell tolls for some of the larger US agencies in China?

A Media Mogul, Alone on the Island | Foreign Policy – Jimmy Lai and Apple Daily. No real surprise; HSBC has an almost monopolistic position in Hong Kong anyway