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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Come to Singapore! The Sights (And Branding) Are Lovely | WIRED – it feels very Monocle-esque in terms of editorial style. Come to Singpore! is very different to the Conde Naste Traveller type editorial. Singapore is aiming at developing a start-up culture so targetingWired (US) readers make a good deal of sense. More Singapore related posts here.

William Gibson on the decline of cyberspace. It is fascinating in terms of how Gibson’s inspiration involved. He was reacting against genres that he didn’t want to write as much as ideas he wanted to convey.

Interesting to see Renault going back to Alpine’s sports roots with the Vision sports coupe. Similar formula to the 1960s cars, a light, small car, a rear-mid engine placement with a highly tuned small capacity engine. Performance is viewed much more holistically with an equal focus on handling and breaking.

I am a sucker for well done manufacturing and process films. The first one up is from Tesla, highlighting robots working in a manufacturing cell on their X model vehicle

The second is a German Army film from 1970 showing the manufacture of a Heckler & Koch G3 assault rifle. It is really interesting for its use of early computer numerical controlled machines including at least one multi-tool cell.

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An idea for the CIPR to provide even more benefit to the PR profession

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First of all the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) has improved immeasurably from where it was a few years ago. It acknowledges that social media is now a thing. It has given consideration to social media being part of public relations campaigns. If you dig around there are freely available journals on communications on the website.

Research (developed for agency marketing purposes) like Edelman’s Trust Barometer were also collected there. But the process seems to have stopped a couple of years ago. This body of data is great for what it is; but effectiveness research is lacking

All the current efforts by the CIPR have done on curation pales in comparison to the quality of the research on effectiveness that the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) has available for members. I’ve found the data points I have got from IPA sources invaluable over the past few months working on branding and communications planning assignments.

The IPA is like a cross between the CIPR and the PRCA. It has qualifications like the CIPR and focuses on agency memberships like the PRCA.

In addition, the CIPR has a large contingent of public sector employed members. I personally believe this would help raise the effectiveness and respect of the profession. More public relations-related posts here.

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Daring Fireball: Was Pew’s Polling Question on the Apple FBI Debate Misleading? – yes. The debate is based on emotive logical fallacy. More security related posts here.

Samsung Pay to enter China tomorrow, is probably screwed | Techinasia – yep, headline about sums it up

Yahoo Has a Surprise New Suitor | Vanity Fair – quite why Time Inc would want to buy Yahoo! after parting with Aol is beyond me given that the businesses were similar in many respects (email, messaging, vertical news content, international presence)

Helpers of Singapore – interesting tumblr account, surprised that is such long form content. Well worth checking out

Microsoft to phase out Skype Qik video chat app as of March 24 | ZDNet – I didn’t know Qik was still maintained by Microsoft

MateBook a surprise move for Huawei – Kantar – really?

Powa Technologies: from UK tech darling to administration – – TechCity is more fragile than many people care to admit

Samsung, LG improve smartphone cameras, turn to virtual reality – Shanghai Daily – there is a definite lull in innovation

Facebook creates ‘social virtual reality’ team – – all your cyberspace dreams coming true?