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Great ambient advertising: 3M Post-Its

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I came across this ambient opportunity around recycle bins at an MTR station. The level of ‘green’ in the campaign even goes down the execution.
Nice ambient advertising at TST MTR station
Rather than the usual vinyl wrap, the advertising is a cardboard collar around the bins.

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Old school ring-pull device

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I noticed this on the top of a can of 7-Up. I was at school when the UK moved over to non-detachable ring-pulls on drinks cans. Prior to this the playground and pavements used to be littered with these little aluminum shards.
Old school ring-pull
Given Hong Kong’s culture of charging for plastic bags I was surprised to see this type of can design.
Old school ring pull

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Kohjinsha dual-screen netbook

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I took a picture of this Kohjinsha netbook at an electronics store in the Book City shopping center, here in Shenzhen. I found this netbook in amongst a collection of Nokia, Samsung and Sharp mobile phones. The picture doesn’t show how small it is; the keyboard is about the same size as the original ASUS eeePC.
Dual-monitor netbook
The folding mechanism for the dual screens is an impressive piece of engineering but I am not sure if the device has the hardware to take advantage of the dual screens. All the demo screens I saw mirrored each other rather showing an expanded workspace.