Life Drive analysed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Picture courtesy of PalmOne I have a soft spot for Palm devices, I have owned a Palm of one sort or another for the past six years. I bought a Palm with my first bonus, back when the PR agency that I worked with was awash with telecoms and fees. Soon after buying my … Read moreLife Drive analysed

Disc vs Disc

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every since CES earlier this year the debate in consumer electronics companies and technology companies has raged around which next-generation video disc to support. Apple recently jumped on the Blu-Ray side of the line along with most of the other hardware manufacturers. You can read a bit more about it at MacCentral here. What the … Read moreDisc vs Disc

Treo-ing times

Reading Time: 3 minutes With mixed feelings I decided to replace my PalmOne PDA / Nokia phone combination with an all-in-one device. I had to get something that would synch its data with my Mac and a work PC. I decided to go for a Treo 600. The Treo 600 has recently been superceded as the top dawg in … Read moreTreo-ing times

Top 100 best gadget list ever

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mobile PC magazine has drawn up a very US-centric list of the top-100 gadgets of all time. You can find the lsit here I decided to vet the list and put in comments for or against as necessary: 1/ Apple PowerBook 100 – this set the design for a range of laptops that still are … Read moreTop 100 best gadget list ever

Music and Gadgets

Reading Time: 1 minute First off with music, my friend and producer Uri Levanon has a relatively new blog here that seems to straddle both music and technology, you can find it here. 3GSM is rapidly turning into a gadget fest that Comdex or CeBIT would be worthy of. The amount of mobile devices and services offered by carriers … Read moreMusic and Gadgets