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Not Just A Crock: The Viral Word-Of-Mouth Success Of Instant Pot : The Salt : NPR – expecting to see this as a case study in ‘value of PR’ decks moving forward

The Ultimate Guide to Baidu SEO in China | Dragon Metrics – great 101 guide in English to Baidu

How a football publisher repurposed one event’s worth of video for 4 different platforms – Digiday – really nice laymans guide to video platforms

This Team Runs Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page – Bloomberg – interesting blend of personal and business brand

Banks Welcome May’s Phased Brexit Bid Amid Plans to Relocate – Bloomberg – at the time of writing Morgan Stanley, UBS and HSBC indicated a definite move. Japanese government had already said its banks would start the move in 2017

Do You Want Smell-O-Vision for Your VR Porn? Neither Do We But Here It Is | Motherboard – interesting technology, ewwww product

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Amazon, Microsoft Face Tough New Limits on China Cloud Market — The Information – why aren’t companies lobbying the US (and other governments) to hammer China on the WTO?

Shenzhen civic centre

China’s answer to Quora now worth a billion bucks | Techinasia – it pisses me off that the way this is phrased. Knowledge search Q&A type sites have been a staple of Asian web for over a decade: Naver being a classic example. Baidu has had a version for years.

What Comes Next Is the Future (2016) on Vimeo – great documentary on the history of the web and where it going in the future

Journalism, media and technology trends and predictions 2017 – Reuters Institute for the study of journalism – interesting issues that will affect media planning and creative (Facebook Live, VR, AR). Social becomes a policy tool as politicians use social for campaigning and dialogue (PDF)

Netflix is even more popular than porn in hotel rooms | Quartz – it doesn’t look as douchy on your credit card statement?

Google Maps now displays Uber drivers in real-time | TheNextWeb – is this real data though?

Apple Sets Its Sights on Hollywood With Plans for Original Content – WSJ – its about competing with Spotify; not Netflix apparently

Gartner Says 2016 Marked Fifth Consecutive Year of Worldwide PC Shipment Decline – PCs aren’t dead, but they aren’t the general purpose device; instead their are a serious computing device where more computing power, more focus or better ergonomics are required rather than the casual or glanceable computing of mobile and tablet devices

MacFarlane quits Sonos | TechEye – Amazon on the low end and Bose alongside other hi-fi companies now in the market

Future Health Index – interesting resource on future of health thinking

Collett Dickenson Pearce | BraveNewMalden – how to ruin an ad

Sterling’s Plunge Spoils FTSE 100 Record Winning Streak – MoneyBeat – WSJ – sterling’s drop shows that the FTSE gains are mostly illusory

Russia’s D.N.C. Hack Was Only the Start – – interesting if a bit self-serving op-ed by Robby Mook who managed Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign for president. His distinction between leaks versus doxing is a relatively week argument. Where would he stand on whistleblowers?

Alipay User Overview 2016 – China Internet Watch – the spend sounds high given China’s average wage

Yahoo! remainder to rebrand as “Altaba”, CEO resigns – the truly sad bit is David Filo’s resignation, despite being one of the largest shareholders

WeChat is morphing so Chinese smartphone owners will never have to download an app again — Quartz

Venture capital is going to murder Medium – Business Insider – $132 million in funding…

TV anchor says live on-air ‘Alexa, order me a dollhouse’ – guess what happens next • The Register – epic

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Sony’s New OLED TV Emits Sound From Screen – Nikkei Technology Online

Noise Meter, Held at Logan Airport End of Neptune Road Records Over 86 Decibels

Hackers threaten smart power grids – POLITICO – really interesting data that shows for many countries the cost benefit analysis of smart metering wasn’t proven. Guessing security costs weren’t considered seriously by many who thought it was a good idea

Theresa Maybe, Britain’s indecisive premier | The Economist – unflattering comparison with Gordon Brown

How Social Cash Made WeChat The App For Everything | Fast Company – if you look at WeChat you have some idea where Facebook Messenger is trying to go

The Blueprint | The Expectations Game – managing expectations

Cellulose Nanofiber-based Engine Cover Exhibited at Show (1) – Nikkei Technology Online – lighter than current GRP (glass reinforced plastic) covers

Tommy Mottola Pens Open Letter To Mariah Carey | Idolator – “I would never have encouraged her or guided her to do something like a reality television show!!!!! I don’t get it!!… that does absolutely nothing for her integrity, her credibility, or her massive talent!! She should take a step back, think carefully and figure out what to do next.” I still don’t get why the music industry continues to go along with reality TV

Edelman Digital Trends Report – (PDF) makes some interesting reading

Visvim Dissertations: Boro (Aomori, Japan) | Union Los Angeles – great read

Babylon Health partners with UK’s NHS to replace telephone helpline with AI-powered chatbot | TechCrunch – Working with a number of health authorities in London, Babylon will begin a six month trial starting at the end of January to offer its AI-powered chatbot ‘triage’ service as an alternative to the NHS’s 111 telephone helpline that patients call to get healthcare advice and be directed to local and out-of-hours medical services.

Foxconn boosting automated production in China | Digitises – it would be interesting to see how they cope with the fine motor work required for iPhone assembly (I suspect not very well)

Daring Fireball: Why Chris Adamson Bought a New Mac Pro Last Week – capitulation – the word a power Apple customer used to describe his purchase of a new Mac Pro. When you’re customers resent you there is a problem

Apple’s 2016 in review | Chuqui – a great read

The polity that is Singapore cybersecurity | Marginal Revolution – go analogue