Nokia 8850

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I am reasonably tech savvy, but I am using a Nokia 8850; let me explain. I have been on email for ten years and used a mobile phone number for a decade and a half. However I have found myself sliding my mobile technology back in time. Last year I had a 3 mobile phone, on the UK’s first 3G network. It was shocking. I then had a traumatic move to Orange and got given a Nokia 6600.

The Nokia 6600 is not a bad phone, but I don’t need a colour screen or camera, I occasionally read my home emails on the phone and get texts. However, the phone is bulky and the battery runs out after just two days. That’s better than the NEC e606 3 mobile phone I had, but way behind other phones that I’ve owned in the past.

Finally I decided enough was enough for now, and have gone back in time from a technology perspective. I took the technology time machine back to 2000 and am using a vintage design Nokia 8850. Its small, it texts, you can speak to people, its intuitive to use and the battery lasts a week, oh yeah it has a need aluminium shell and a sliding key cover.

The 8850 is an elegant solution to my communications needs, the point is that I have gone back in tech time because the present offerings fail to meet my needs of:

  • being intuitive to use
  • easy to call and text
  • good battery life
  • good product design
  • small / discreet
  • no unnecessary features

3G at the present time isn’t ready for modern usage. The NEC e 606 phone used to get hot to touch in my hand during use. The reception was awful and the device was cumbersome. At the moment there is no killer app to using 3G. More related content here.