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What Won’t Apple Allow in the New Mac App Store? – looks similar to iPhone apps, but users expect Macs to be more open. It will also be interesting how enterprise users react to the app store

Chinese Online Shoppers Have High Standards – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Stephen Elop: Nokia’s first MeeGo device ‘will be a 2011 event’ — Engadget – ok will leave looking at Nokia devices for another two quarters at least then

Why Our Misuse Of Metrics May Be A Cultural Issue « BBH Labs

MediaPost Publications Yahoo Japan And Google Deal Met With Questions 10/21/2010 – hoping this gets past by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission or they go with Baidu

Review: Windows Phone 7 Novel but Lacking | AllThingsD – all things considered I don’t think that Microsoft will be disappointed at this review by Walt Mossberg

eBay cashes in on PayPal as online auctions stop growing | VentureBeat – interesting that eBay’s growth has halted in a recession, surely an opportunity?

Another blow to boxed software: Apple brings its App Store to Macs | VentureBeat – however makes distribution easier for smaller software companies. Worried how back-ups would be handled when you do a reinstall on your machine

Masters of Media » The Threefold Digital Divide – interesting article on categorising online consumer behaviour

Panda Security launches Panda Antivirus for Mac | MacNews

State of the Internet: Mobile Web’s Explosive Growth: Tech News « – interesting spread of countries where the growth is taking place

Every email and website to be stored – Telegraph – now imagine if this was also made available to commerciial bodies, marketers or spammers?

How to Create Custom Facebook Pages [Tutorial] – great stuff here, bookmark it for future use

Social Capital: making sense of value in Social Media – MisterThreeSixty’s posterous

Lenovo Says Windows 7 Is No Good For Tablets – the user experience is optimised for mouse | trackpad usage rather than touch

Not one, but 2Screen | whatleydude – nice summary from discussions on mobile, social and TV

James Governor’s Monkchips » Where The Developers Are: Macs, MarkLogic, Autodesk, SAP – developers the fashion-forward influencers of enterprises

Nokia: Is The N8 A Dud? – – dud is probably a bit harsh, but it does have its work cut out

Social Media Will Eat Itself – MisterThreeSixty’s posterous – something I have been saying for a while

Anorak News » How To Create A Great Facebook Page – According To Facebook – some good advice for bloggers. Surprised to find this via Anorak getting a major overhaul: browser-based avatar editor, WP7-connected web games — Engadget

Microsoft Launches Office 365, Bringing Millions Into the Cloud | Fast Company – it looks like Ray Ozzie’s work was done at Microsoft

Why it pays to be open about your business goals – PRmoment – corporate communications justified

Project to Test Home & Electric Vehicle Network Standards for CO2 Reduction | NTT DOCOMO Global – really interesting project extending smart home thinking to a smart life

China Mobile: Not in the Comm Biz – WSJ – in the information services business apparently. Some good telecoms numbers here

Batman Wins Chinese Lottery – WSJ – absolute genius, love it