Cullinan SUV + more things

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Sneak Peek at Rolls-Royce Project Cullinan “SUV” – Luxury Insider – the approach to teasing the Cullinan is more like the way (Android) smartphones are marketed. It is interesting that car makers now leak this photography. As a teenager I remember that there was quite an industry in photographers taking pictures of engineering mules and models being tested in disguise. Hans G. Lehmann’s photography in Car magazine of the late 1980s were legendary. More on luxury here.

Discogs Relaunch Record Store Database ‘VinylHub’ – hyponik – good to see that Discogs is not sitting on their laurels. Independent record stores are using Discogs to reach customers around the world. It makes sense for Discogs to build a database about real world record stores that make up its seller backbone.

New proposal for Yahoo’s turnaround: get rid of Marissa Mayer, 75% of staff, and lavish perks – Quartz – they would struggle to keep the other 25% of the staff left. It is the antithesis of the Silicon Valley culture. You couldn’t run a business like Yahoo! in the same way as you can run tired enterprise technology companies using the private equity or Computer Associates formula. Despite what you might think Yahoo! relies on innovation. PHP and Hadoop are just two of the technologies that have come out of Yahoo!. If you don’t have talent, you go from having a profitable business with an older client base; to a loss making business with even less of a client base. Websites go downhill a lot faster than milking enterprise software users for maintenance contracts.

Michael Tsai – Blog – Apple Pushes iPhone 6s Pop-up Ads to App Store – which indicates that Apple’s customer upgrade cycle might be too long for Apple’s finance department. It also suggests that Apple might be moving away from the pre-owned market being an on-ramp to iPhone usage.