Zoetrope + other things

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Zoetrope based on a number sequence

Amazing zoetrope based on Fibonacci sequence made using 3d-printing – just mesmerising. The strobing effect reminded me of the strobe edge on the Technics SL-1200 turntable. The zoetrope were moving images before film or television existed. This embedded the zoetrope in a wider steam punk aesthetic that harked back to the Victorian and Edwardian age. John Baird used some of the visual effects that a zoetrope has in the electro-mechanical mechanism of his original television system.

Road readers programme

Honda Turns Car Time Into Story Time With ‘Road Readers’ Program – Print (video) – Creativity Online – smart work by Honda. It deals with the ‘are we there yet’ yet problem that emanates from the back seat during medium to long journeys. It is a world away from the focus on driving experience that car marketing usually does.


Zegna celebrates family togetherness with multi-generation gift guide – Luxury Daily – really nice idea that ensures your family gets presents that you’d actually like. It deals with the awkwardness of intergenerational gift giving exemplified by Bart Simpson socks and Old Spice gift guides. For Zegna’s perspective it also allows the brand to build a relationship with the children and grandchildren of current customers. Its an interesting approach to building those mental models for the brand. More luxury-related content here.

Bizarre Tinder ads

Amazon Looks To Recruit Engineers With Bizarre Tinder Ad | Motherboard – this looks at first glance an attempt to target brogrammers. I wonder what was the insight that drove this whole campaign? The whole thing feels so odd and out of context. Alongside the nazi branded tube train to promote Man In The High Castle this feels one of Amazon’s odder marketing decisions.

Vogue China

It is interesting hearing about the role that Vogue China played in ‘building’ the fashion industry in China including getting Chinese models on the world stage. Why had they been ignored previously?