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Generation X + more things

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5 Reasons Marketers Have Largely Overlooked Generation X | Adweek – definition of generation x is an issue, small segment (weird 18 year block rather than 20 year block), transitional position in terms of analogue and digital world experience, identification with the label generation x. More on gen-x here

Video surveillance cued for surge in next five years | Telecom Asia – depressing reading

Product innovation is the new marketing | Marketing Interactive – innovation being mis-construed for stunts?

Telenor looks to be #MoreThan just a telecommunication giant | Marketing Interactive – tricky picking a hashtag that you can’t own, interesting campaign ideas

WhatsApp’s move to protect user privacy: What does this signal? | Marketing Interactive – interesting discussion around the implications (beyond marketing) of end-to-end encryption in OTT messaging space

Huawei unveils its flagship P9 and P9 Plus smartphones: ‘coengineered with Leica’ | VentureBeat – Huawei CEO Richard Yu even went so far as to say the camera was “coengineered” with Leica.

Centre for Analysis of Social Media – Demos – interesting research on the interface of politics and social media

Snapchat Is Suddenly Attracting a Lot More Millennial Women Than Men | Adweek – surprised men were in the majority in the first place. If one looks at similar social interaction platforms like Facebook you have greater female engagement

Digital strategy: Understanding the economics of disruption | McKinsey & Company – (audio recording)

Marissa Mayer vs. “Kim Kardashian’s Ass”: What Sunk Yahoo’s Media Ambitions? | Vanity Fair – great headline, a secondary aspect to this is how must the superstars feel, having bet their bankability on Marissa Mayer and Yahoo!

Data USA – done by MIT

Download | Proof Finder – interesting software for just $100

Goldman Sachs leads a $30 million round for Persado’s AI-based, automated copywriting service | TechCrunch – adequate copywriting or great copywriting and how will that compare with the economics of doing it out of the Philippines instead?

The Dropcam Team — Medium – airing Google’s IoT laundry in public