Driving seat: Sonim XP3

Reading Time: 3 minutes Back in February 2008 I reviewed the Sonim XP1, which restarted up the toughphone segment when it was launched around about the same time as the Samsung Solid. You can read the earlier review of the phone here. Just in time for Christmas, Sonim have put out review copies of the XP3 which is an … Read moreDriving seat: Sonim XP3

Driving seat: Living with The Flip

Reading Time: 2 minutes A while ago I shared the unboxing pictures of The Flip camcorder that I got sent by Weber Shandwick. I’ve had a chance to play with it and here’s my inital thoughts. The device is pretty robust and has been perfectly happy to float around in the bottom of my messenger bag the past number … Read moreDriving seat: Living with The Flip

Tales from the mall

Reading Time: 3 minutes Wandering around the Time Square complex in Causeway Bay yesterday gave me some food for thought: Personal wellness here is big business – there is a couple of shops dedicated to mechanical massage machines. Some were like white leather lazy boy chairs, others looked like a foot bath. Add to that at least six shops … Read moreTales from the mall

Its not them, it’s us

Reading Time: < 1 minute Filed under: marketing, consumer, design, business, consumer behaviour, electronics, technology — renaissancechambara @ 10:28 pm Commodore Vic 20 Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I got forwarded an interesting link from AdAge.com ‘Americans Spend an Average of $1,200 Annually on Gadgets — but Don’t Understand Much of the Tech They’re Buying‘ that highlighted research about consumers and … Read moreIts not them, it’s us