Secure empty trash + more news

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How to replace El Capitan’s missing Secure Empty Trash | Macworld – SSD as security risks. This is because sold state drives can only be read and written to a limited amount of times which poses problems when you want to do three or more overwrites on a regular basis as part of the secure empty trash process. The irony being that hard disks despite their many faults are more secure. More on SSDs here.

Fake Everything 2019 Update – 50 odd examples of how the online advertising marketplace is thoroughly corrupted. This is well worth a good read if you have anything to do with digital marketing. This should bring up questions around efficiency and effectiveness. Unfortunately this seems to have been supplanted by the cult of disruption above everything else.

Internet advertising to grow at slowest rate since 2001 dotcom bust | Media | The Guardian – deceptive visuals, but interesting analysis. We’re now in the tyranny of high numbers. The sheer size of numbers required to drive percentage increases mean that growth had to slow. You also have concerns about the data supporting online advertising media planning and measurement due to ad fraud (see the Fake Everything 2019 update above this as a good primer). In addition, there is now data available that underlines concerns about having a more balanced media mix in play. More on online advertising here.

AR/VR early stage valuations soften, leading to investment and acquisition opportunities | VentureBeat – China investing more in VR and AR than the US. These investments seem to be focused exclusively on domestic market requirements.

Hackers breach FSB contractor, expose Tor deanonymization project and more | ZDNet – interesting that Tor networks have been breached. Tor was developed by US defence department grants to provide secure internet communications for people living under repressive regimes.