Santa’s Bag

Reading Time: 1 minute Battery supremos Duracell have conducted a Europe-wide survey on the most popular toys this Christmas. Full details can be found here. The report is available as a PDF, the most interesting part of the report is the survey insights section which highlighted some cultural trends amongst children and the differences across Europe. I have summarised … Read moreSanta’s Bag

The Praying Mantis of Handhelds

Reading Time: 1 minute Just a few years after PalmOne, the handheld maker absorbed its ‘prodigal’ child Handspring and its highly regarded Treo range of PDA phones, Treos now account for half the company’s revenue. In a warning of things to come PalmOne, its new retail store in silicon valley focuses purely on the Treo range and associated accessories. … Read moreThe Praying Mantis of Handhelds

Ya Can’t Hate The Game It’s Da Player Ya Hate

Reading Time: 1 minute Years ago, games did not need text books on how to complete them, were not realistic enough to inspire copycat murders and had playerability.The king of the heap was a bunch of crazy Californians called Atari. Now old code doesn’t die, it just get recycled. Many mobile phones have old school games recoded into Java … Read moreYa Can’t Hate The Game It’s Da Player Ya Hate

Cool Stuff Not Available for Mac Shocker!

Reading Time: 1 minute Anoto are a bunch of mad Swedes who have invented a digital pen. The magic stuff they have came up with is a special spotted paper with unique markings so the pen can tell what kind of document its writing, the colour the ‘ink’, where it is on the page, should the writing be sent … Read moreCool Stuff Not Available for Mac Shocker!