Top 100 best gadget list ever

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mobile PC magazine has drawn up a very US-centric list of the top-100 gadgets of all time. You can find the lsit here I decided to vet the list and put in comments for or against as necessary: 1/ Apple PowerBook 100 – this set the design for a range of laptops that still are … Read moreTop 100 best gadget list ever

Music and Gadgets

Reading Time: 1 minute First off with music, my friend and producer Uri Levanon has a relatively new blog here that seems to straddle both music and technology, you can find it here. 3GSM is rapidly turning into a gadget fest that Comdex or CeBIT would be worthy of. The amount of mobile devices and services offered by carriers … Read moreMusic and Gadgets

Santa’s Bag

Reading Time: 1 minute Battery supremos Duracell have conducted a Europe-wide survey on the most popular toys this Christmas. Full details can be found here. The report is available as a PDF, the most interesting part of the report is the survey insights section which highlighted some cultural trends amongst children and the differences across Europe. I have summarised … Read moreSanta’s Bag

The Praying Mantis of Handhelds

Reading Time: 1 minute Just a few years after PalmOne, the handheld maker absorbed its ‘prodigal’ child Handspring and its highly regarded Treo range of PDA phones, Treos now account for half the company’s revenue. In a warning of things to come PalmOne, its new retail store in silicon valley focuses purely on the Treo range and associated accessories. … Read moreThe Praying Mantis of Handhelds

Ya Can’t Hate The Game It’s Da Player Ya Hate

Reading Time: 1 minute Years ago, games did not need text books on how to complete them, were not realistic enough to inspire copycat murders and had playerability.The king of the heap was a bunch of crazy Californians called Atari. Now old code doesn’t die, it just get recycled. Many mobile phones have old school games recoded into Java … Read moreYa Can’t Hate The Game It’s Da Player Ya Hate