Recursive experience

Reading Time: 1 minute I had a pretty surreal moment yesterday. I usually listen to the Wall Street Journal Online Late Day Tech Briefing podcast since it gives you the main tech news sprinkled with a little market news. Together with an email from the San Jose Mercury’s Good Morning Silicon Valley blog, it marks the end of my … Read moreRecursive experience

The devil quotes scripture to suit himself

Reading Time: 5 minutes I was fascinated by this series of postings on the Interesting People email list that argue back and forward as to whether general purpose or specialist devices and converged or divergent is better.The discussions surround the launch of the Sony Mylo. Sony has had a spectacularly bad record at internet appliances and non-games related online … Read moreThe devil quotes scripture to suit himself

The Five Rs of iPod Support

Reading Time: 1 minute iPod, do you? Originally uploaded by Carlos Noboro. Thanks to Troy at Smalldog Electronics‘ Tech Tails email newsletter for sharing the five things that you need to do if your musical friend is unhappy: 1. Reset your iPod. 2. Retry with a different USB port. 3. Restart your computer. 4. Reinstall iPod and iTunes software. … Read moreThe Five Rs of iPod Support

The Coolest Smartphone You’ve Never Seen

Reading Time: 1 minute Singapore-based technology company Qool Labs Pte Limited is a PalmSource licencee who makes a really sexy looking PalmOS powered smart phone called the QDA 700. Ok, their branding needs work, but their product design certainly doesn’t. The phone has a spec that would shame a Treo and doesn’t look like half a house brick and … Read moreThe Coolest Smartphone You’ve Never Seen

Gadget Cooldown

Reading Time: 3 minutes The growth in the PC market has been driven by the latest items that are the new hotness that will be old news in a matter of months. This PC-style economics has driven its way into the consumer electronics market over the past few years with items like the iPod and digital cameras. For a … Read moreGadget Cooldown