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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五) | 금요일에 다섯 가지

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A gorgeous unreleased adaption of Akira for the Sega MegaDrive. I presume that these visuals are designed to move the game play from level to level.

As technology has improved computer graphics has become more prosaic. You no longer see the kind of surreal computer graphics visuals that you enjoyed from the late 1970s to late 1990s. VintageCG has archived a lot of early CG demos on YouTube.

The Witcher was the must watch show on Netflix at the end of last year. It was inevitable that the memeable power ballad Throw A Coin To The Witcher gets the inevitable remixes. Amongst the best is this remix by Whitestone.

Donald Knuth features in Robert X Cringely’s history of computing from post-World War II to the rise of the personal computer. While Knuth never made a fortune, his ideas facilitated a lot of modern computing. Here’s a great interview with Knuth that will make you appreciate the computing power in the power of your hand today.

Strange Parts did an amazing video on how lithium polymer ion batteries are made during a recent trip to Shenzhen, China.

Strange Parts at the Pisen Group battery factory