Fred Wilson on disruption

Reading Time: 1 minute An old but good Google talk by Fred Wilson about disruption and innovation. Fred is a partner in Union Square Ventures and a popular blogger on all things that fit in the nexus between technology, the web and entrepreneurship.

The five Ps of innovation

Reading Time: 1 minute Marketers and academics love acronyms like marketing mix model better known by the vernacular five Ps. One of Google’s talks is by Po Chi Wu from the Global Innovation Research Centre of PKU (Peking University). In the presentation he highlights what the centre thinks is the key attributes for innovation: Preparation Patience Persistence Persuasion Productivity

Unsung heros: Erwin Komenda – former chief of body design at Porsche

Reading Time: 1 minute A post on James List about an immaculate-looking Porsche 356 for sale reminded me of Erwin Komenda. Komenda worked along side-by-side with Ferdinand and Ferdinand A.E Porsche designing the body for the iconic Porsche 356. At the time sports cars had modest small engines so much of the performance gains were gained from the body … Read moreUnsung heros: Erwin Komenda – former chief of body design at Porsche

Yahoo! Japan and The Gordian Knot

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yahoo! Japan selected Google as its search partner in Japan. It is suggested by commentators that this is contrary to how the parent company handled things. But let’s review: Microsoft won the Yahoo! search business only after: an attempted hostile takeover (though its arguable Microsoft was that serious about it as Yahoo!’s position as lead … Read moreYahoo! Japan and The Gordian Knot

Morgan Stanley’s internet and technology development forecast

Reading Time: 1 minute Mary Meeker became famous as a era analyst alongside peers Jack Grubman and Henry Blodget. Unlike Grubman and Blodget she managed to avoid being thrown under the wheels of the bus, so is now the elder stateswoman of the digital economy. Mary and her team at Morgan Stanley put together good thoughtful state-of-the-nation presentations. … Read moreMorgan Stanley’s internet and technology development forecast