The price of sin

Reading Time: 1 minute 7 pounds for a packet of Cigarettes!, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I was in Reading, visiting a friend from my days in the north and came face-to-face with the price of cigarettes for the first time in a good while. Being a non-smoker, I was shocked, cigarettes with the exception of ‘Pall Mall’ now cost […]

Just say no? For drugs and tablets

Reading Time: 1 minute In the 1980s Nancy Reegan fronted a public service advertising campaign ‘Just say no‘, originally designed to combat rampant cocaine and marijuana usage in the US. About this time Hewlett Packard released one of the first touchscreen computers. The HP-150 was MS-DOS compatible. It was unsuccessful because users didn’t like to take their fingers off […]

I like: delicious new save and share window

Reading Time: 1 minute Delicious is one of them products which was created pretty much perfect in its first incarnation and they have been very careful in the way that they have tweaked it over time. Now they have made it even easier to share content than ever by allowing you to save a bookmark and share it via […]

Will innovation move south?

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been thinking about legislation and innovation recently, triggered in part by a conversation over Twitter that I had with Phillip Sheldrake over Twitter whilst he was at the Intellect conference. In western countries such as the UK, France, Sweden and the US we have seen legislation and authorities act out of fear and […]

Customer focus versus the vision thing

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been thinking a lot about the right approach to campaigns and product development. One school of thought is to focus on the client delight: this was exemplified by Waggener Edstrom’s Pam Edstrom who constantly asks of clients and their account teams ‘What is your business problem’?  There are advantages to this process: Hopefully […]