Whatever happened to luxury brand Chloé’s online push in China? | 被遗弃的奢侈品牌的营销活动?

Reading Time: 2 minutes French luxury ready-to-wear pioneer and Richemont Group fashion brand Chloé drove forward with an expansionist strategy for the Chinese market earlier this year with a webcast fashion show, corporate blog and an ambitious e-commerce strategy. The webcast fashion show was supposed to be about the fifth anniversary of the brand, but was more about expanding […]

Above the line on Facebook

Reading Time: 1 minute First of all a confession: I am a big believer in Facebook advertising. It offers a lower cost per acquisition for building communities, has great targeting abilities IF used properly and is cheaper than Google ads. It is also easier to monetise and measure the value of work put in than focusing on the ethereal […]

Rolex service centre brand experience

Reading Time: 2 minutes Friday, and my Palm PDA bleeped in that nagging sort of way that it does. I looked down and saw that it was time to get my watch serviced again. I have the good fortune to have got a Rolex Submariner at a knockdown price off my old man some years ago before their prices […]