Gobsmacked by ‘amazing’ feat of spin

Reading Time: 2 minutes I read a classic piece of spin in The Business, Microsoft races to stop bank account hackers by Tony Glover. Tony who has been shortlisted in a category for Business Journalist of the Year wrote “Technicians at the US software giant Microsoft are working flat out to prevent a new security threat that this week … Read moreGobsmacked by ‘amazing’ feat of spin

Back to the business

Reading Time: 1 minute Over the past few years (from about the third quarter of 2000 onwards), I have been going to meetings with cash-strapped start-up companies with me-too products looking for PR to work sales objectives and marketing communications programmes for the price of a McDonalds Happy Meal. On Thursday evening, I went to a more refreshing meeting … Read moreBack to the business

Leiderhosen Review – indepth special

Reading Time: 2 minutes Actually, the title was total fiction: there is no leiderhosen related content here and I will not be putting any up in the future. I was inspired to write the title after having received a mail from a former colleague of mine – Jacqui. And no I won’t write about Dunlop Greenflash trainers (running shoes … Read moreLeiderhosen Review – indepth special

Coca-Cola bedeviled by Dasani

Reading Time: 1 minute Coca-Cola have had a rough couple of weeks with their entry into the UK bottled water market. A few weeks ago the UK tabloid press ‘exposed’ Dasani as tap water from Sidcup, then the water mains burst in the town, now they have bromate contamination. Of course this did not stop me pouring petrol on … Read moreCoca-Cola bedeviled by Dasani