Michael Geist on global copyfight at the University of Florida St Petersburg

Canadian professor Michael Geist talks about SOPA, ACTA and copyright lobbyists.

Geist summarises the protests around SOPA within the wider context of copyright legislation. From the European Pirate Parties which have two seats in the European parliament to web blackouts in New Zealand and Italy.  This is on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.

TfL brings a strong search marketing game to print adverts

TfL have an advert up at Holborn tube promoting their weekend tube line information service.
I noticed in the text at the bottom that they then encourage the audience to use a particular search term so they can find the content they want.
This has probably made reduced the cost of the campaign as only organic search work is needed and allowed the SEO work to be more focused.

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Five things that I have appreciated this week:

RTHK’s Reflections from Asia programme. Harvey Stockwin’s weekly 15-minute radio programme and podcast is a news analysis programme from another era, a kind Asian equivalent of the late Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America that used to be broadcast on the BBC World Service and Radio 4. Stockwin is a long-serving English journalist who has spent the past 50 years in Asia. Each show consists of him reading a pre-prepared 2,000-word essay which he has researched and written himself.
reflections from asia
I finally finished series one of Braquo, a French drama similar to The Shield in the kind of matters that it covers but in a gritty way that makes The Wire look tame in comparison. Without giving the game away a police unit that butts up against the line between being a good cop and a bad cop find themselves in the middle of a complex game of realpolitik.

US technology site used the British word ‘shite‘ as a descriptor for Apple’s new head of global retail. It makes sense when you realise that John Browett, was formerly CEO of Dixons Retail – the people behind PCWorld and Currys. Whilst I was alarmed that the Apple Stores were likely to go horribly wrong there was something strangely gratifying seeing European English slang used on an American site.

Due a mix-up in my post I finally got hold of my copy of The Social Media MBA which I had co-authored with a number of other great-and-the-good from the digital marketing | social media agency world. You can get your own copy here from Amazon.

Econsultancy’s David Moth sent me some questions on the Facebook IPO that you can read here. If I get time I will expand further on my thoughts here.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

South Korea’s Pop Wave – Al Jazeera English – links to corruption and prostitution together with punishing schedules and unfair contracts blight reputation of K-pop

A CEO’s guide to innovation in China – McKinsey Quarterly – interesting breakdown of Chinese innovation

Final curtains for cinema complex in Time Square | SCMP.com – one of my favourite haunts in Hong Kong (pay wall)

Chinese Learning App, Mandarin Madness Launches on iOS and Android | TechNode

How OoVoo Became Teenagers’ Favorite Way To Video Chat – Forbes

Chinese data suffer New Year hangover – FT.com – according to PMI index domestic demand weak, export demand strong

Facebook says China still a major hurdle | Market-interactive.com – I am not certain that they would be able to beat domestic rivals

Why Some Book Buyers Are Increasingly Resistant To E-Readers | mocoNews

Shoe on the other foot: RIAA wants to scrap anti-piracy OPEN Act

Apple forcing IT shops to “adapt or die”

Zynga Accounts for 12 Percent of Facebook Revenue in 2011 – AllThingsD

Poverty trap for middle classes of Europe | Presseurop (English)

Twitter a truly global tool with 72% of accounts outside of the U.S. | VentureBeat

The death of CPU scaling: From one core to many — and why we’re still stuck | ExtremeTech – really interesting read on why computers don’t have the ‘wow’ factor that they did in the past

Facebook IPO: Lessons from the high-tech IPO trenches | ExtremeTech

A VC: Dispersion and Entropy In Social Media

Tesco market share drops below 30% | Irish Examiner

Ex-Apple engineer emits Zevo ZFS for Mac OS • The Register – good to see Sun’s ZFS getting new life. This will be important given the battering the cloud has taken

IPv6 upgrade to cost ISPs ‘hundreds of millions’ – Ixia

Wanted: 3-D IC standards within six months

Sony confirms Kazuo Hirai as new President and CEO, replacing Howard Stringer — Engadget

ITC judge throws out Barnes and Noble’s patent defense against Microsoft — Engadget

Sharp to cut LCD production in Osaka plant by half – Engadget

Hong Kong Finance Job Cuts Hit Samsung, Daiwa – WSJ

Apple Daily Hong Kong runs ad against mainland “locusts”: Shanghaiist

The salaryman’s guide to Tokyo | The Guardian – made me laugh

Burn Note lets you easily send secure, self-destructing messages via the web | The Verge

Japan’s DeNa moves into Chinese smartphone game market in deal with Baidu | VentureBeat

Warner Music Group chairman loves Spotify, calls Google Music an “oxymoron” | VentureBeat

Amazon disappoints with dramatically lower profits for Q4 | VentureBeat

Where’s the Market for Online Privacy? – Forbes

AMD’s CTO talks heterogeneous systems architecture

Jargon Watch: Dwittering

#TDHK – the digerati meet-up of Hong Kong agency and in-house folk came up with the concept to dwittering – dating and Twittering as a way of promoting their event on February 14. I guess its a logical extension given that my former colleague and friend Melvin Yuan pioneered live tweeting of his wedding in Singapore a few years a go. Book your place on Eventbrite.