Exhaustive how to guide to Flickr by the US Department of Defense

Topping out at an impressive (and worrisome) 145 slides, the US Department of Defense have put up a good guide along with examples of how to use Flickr.

Getting Started With Flickr

Get your clients off the Facebook crack pipe and have them extend their brands on additional platforms. Flickr is a great place to start.

No more excuses for tired looking presentations and blog posts

I see so many blog posts every day with a lot of tired clip art and see presentations that often use well-worn visuals. One of the things that Flickr does really well is aggregate lots of imagery that you are free to use.

A case in point is the photo documentary Documerica Project (1971-1977), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired a 100 photographers to go around the US and capture images relating to both environmental issues and everyday life within the US.
Subway Car.  05/1973
All of these pictures are freely available on Flickr as part of their commons initiative. You have museums, the US department of defense, NASA to name but a few organisations. In addition, thousands of people like me have included photographs under a creative commons licence.
Hitchhiker with His Dog "Tripper" on U.S. 66, May 1972
A hippy and a puppy, what’s not to like?

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Search and aggregation to overtake B2B publishing sector revenue by 2014 | TheMediaBriefing

Nokia to sell 2 million Lumia phones in Q4, Deutsche Bank says

Sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S stall in South Korea as handset is deemed ‘uncompetitive’ – no advanced network capability, features are tired. (Siri doesn’t work in Korean)

Home Office u-turns on cyber sanctions | TechEye – do they have a clue?

Apple at 80% Brand Loyalty in Mobile – The Next Web – reminds me a bit of Danger Inc and their play to hold the consumer’s address book for the Sidekick

Daring Fireball Linked List: Fortunes Change Quickly in Mobile – interesting how things have changed for HTC

Classic Dieter Rams design – if I ever do something crazy and get married consider this site my wedding gift list

Danish innovation centre looks to design creativity| SCMP.com – interesting move by Denmark, product design is known to be a strength of Hong Kong – allied with the Peal River delta’s manufacturing muscle

Ireland Tries to Reverse Declining Potato Sales – NYTimes.com – interesting sociological roots in this. It’s also generational, trying to part my parents from patatoes would be nigh on impossible

radio gravy – great radio to work by. Similar idea to Spotify, but with good taste

Marubeni Launches 3D Printing Service — Tech-On! – interesting that it is aimed at making precision resin dies etc

Courts cannot force ISPs into broad filtering and monitoring for copyright-infringing traffic, ECJ rules

よわよわカメラウーマン日記 – yowayowa camera woman’s diary are amazing pictures

Social Commerce Statistics | Bazaarvoice – nice collection of useful data points

What Wealthy Women Really Want – WSJ

Christmas shoppers don’t trust etailers to deliver on time | Econsultancy

NPS: A system to create young fans – works well for not-so-young fans as well

Brussels finally recognises luxury | FT.com

I like: Urbanized

If you were fascinated by Helvetica and Objectified then you will like Urbanized by the same director. Urbanized does to architecture and urban planning what Objectified did to product design.

There are currently screenings going on through to the end of the year in different cities, with the Barbican hosting a week of screenings in the run up to Christmas. More information here.

I like: Toyota Google Tour

I really like this direct marketing campaign by Australian agency MercerBell for Toyota’s Camry Hybrid. They used digitally printed direct mail piece drops to send consumers to Google themselves. They had bought Google keywords for the consumers name and advertised against it (presumably for a short window based on when the mail would land). Consumers were sent to everydayamazing.com.au where they could book a test drive or find out more about the car.

I like the use of data and the integration between offline and online marketing tapping into people’s basic curiosity about themselves. There is a case study video on Vimeo that some readers may not be able to watch due to their location.