Links of the day | 在网上找到

Three Innovation Trends in Asia – Harvard Business Review – interesting article. What the middle-market segment looks like in different Asian countries is particularly pertinent especially as it gets hollowed out of the developed world

Venerable Rave forum closes | Fantazia

ReadCube | Free Reference Manager – Academic Software For Research – interesting idea similar to Yojimbo and DevonThink

Official Google Blog: Google+: A few big improvements before the New Year

New luxury trends emerge in China: News from – maturing market?

Talk too much about OWS and lose your Twitter account

StreetAngels@SG – interesting how this Japanese idea has expanded

British Telecom is the latest to sue Google over Android, other services — Engadget

Facebook Attempt to Stop Lawsuit Not Liked By Judge

Facebook introduces private messages between business pages and fans – The Next Web

Slate Facebook’s immaturity on privacy

Hong Kong: iPad app detailing govt developments | FutureGov

The Mobile Coupon is Broken and Proctor & Gamble Has Found a Solution – AllThingsD – barcodes on phones don’t scan

Xiaomi Sells 100,000 Phones in A Few Hours, Ruins My Wife’s Christmas | Tech in Asia

Fund file: prepare for the EM bust– – expect emerging markets to collapse

Mainland house prices fall further

Chip executive outlook reveals bleak times ahead | VentureBeat

At China’s Box Office, Jet Li’s ‘Flying Swords’ Faces Christian Bale’s ‘Flowers of War’ – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Nationalism in China | China Power

iPad prices: Pad tie | The Economist

Water a Great Idea! The Visa-Free Valley Incubator | Silicon Allee – is it just me or does this remind you of William Gibson circa the Sprawl trilogy

MediaPost Publications 99M Tablets Expected To Ship Worldwide In 2012 12/19/2011

British Facebook Users Are Intoxicated in 76% of Their Photos – hmmm dubious study, but it does raise the question about context

Actually, iPhone users tend to be richer and better educated than Android users – SplatF – similar profile to the Mac user

RIAA and Homeland Security Caught Downloading Torrents | TorrentFreak – oh the irony

Is Google Really Getting Rich Off Piracy? | paidContent

SCMP reveals group buying plans | – they have the sales team but wondering if this is the smartest move?

Everyday Swedes take over management of nation’s Twitter account – Boing Boing – interesting as it challenges the PR concept of tone-of-voice – the last vestige of control

Costcutter gears up for Kwik Save rebrand – Brand Republic News – interesting that the Kwik Save brand rather than the no-frills brand is being resurrected

Chip startup fundings, IPOs and acquisitions are cooling off | VentureBeat

Microsoft exec: More multi-platform mobile products coming in 2012 | ZDNet

Google’s Android Update Alliance Is Already Dead | – bit of a mess

Novell-Microsoft Trial Over WordPerfect Ends as Jurors Deadlock – Bloomberg

Intel delays product after product without competition – The Inquirer – because they don’t have to

Private messages subject to FOI, says regulator

Facebook is swimming in a £3.5bn cash pool – The Inquirer

Kurt Andersen: From Fashion to Housewares, Are We in a Decades-Long Design Rut? | Style | Vanity Fair

Great new fashion innovations for 2012 | – interesting ideas that seem to owe a lot to streetwear brands. Experiments in materials by Thakoon, DVF and Proenza Schouler are a chip off the old block from the work that Massimo Osti pioneered at CP Company, Stone Island the collborations with Sugergra and Levi’s. The multi-garment garment is straight from Acronym’s play book

HISTORY of HEIBON PUNCH 平凡パンチの歴史 – fascinating cover designs. Heibon Punch was a homegrown Japanese men’s magazine a la GQ that finished in the mid 1980s. Love the 1960s jazz record series they put out with Quincy Jones

Now Open: Daikanyama T-Site by Klein Dytham Architecture | Spoon & Tamago – I love the way the architect sweated the details on this with the dog park

Microsoft And Yahoo Are Now Equal In Search – which is good for Microsoft but not Yahoo!

Facebook’s Revenue Numbers Just Leaked, And The Numbers Look Underwhelming

Wall Street Begins To Throw In The Towel On Yahoo Again

Links of the day | 在网上找到

China E-Reader Sales Down Thanks To Lack Of Content | mocoNews

Does it always need to be Facebook? | Asia Digital Map – Yes, users can certainly interact with brands on their Facebook pages. But in many cases, we witness too much distance between a brand and its fans

An Explanation For Why UMG May Be Right That It Can Pull Down MegaUpload’s Video [Updated] | Techdirt

Smartphone Penetration Approaching Tipping Point As PC Usage Declines | mocoNews – moving back to divergent personal computing where enterprise and consumers used different PC platforms (a la Amiga and Atari ST)?

News on Japan – By watching their viewers, Japan’s public broadcaster could more than double their viewership – sod social television as a big thing, behavioural TV is the way forward

Luxury Gets More Convenient – WSJ – counter-intuitive. Koreans buying Gucci in the 7-Eleven

Japanese groups turn negative on outlook – – strong Yen and weakening global demand

Inspiration from the desktop?

I was looking at these fairy lights in the local supermarket when I had a nagging feeling.
Microsoft Office clone logo
When I got home I realised what it was, the logo was reminiscent of the Microsoft Office logo. I guess the designer probably didn’t have to go too far for inspiration?
ms office

I like: Conrad Hotel, Beijing | 港丽酒店

Boutique Chinese architecture firm MAD are designing a Conrad Hotel for Beijing that has an organic feel to its external design which looks like a copse of trees – MAD talk about this pattern as being similar to the layout of nerves, which is a bit creepy.
I really liked the idea of mixed organic and modernistic lines in the design.
More information on their project here.

George Colony of Forrester Research at Le Web

George Colony did a presentation about a post-social landscape and the end of the web. I personally don’t believe in the end of the web because it will adapt and change, just as it has done for the past two decades becoming a richer, more useful experience. The post-social aspect is interesting, I think that this is more a sign of social needing a paradigm shift in terms of thinking. The search problem was solved by the likes of Inktomi before Google came along and changed the game; what’s to stop that happening in social?

The video of Colony’s presentation is on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.