Putting the HOO! in Yahoo!

Reading Time: < 1 minute I just had to share this mad up Japanese clip that an ex-colleague shared with me which is supposed to be doing the rounds internally.I am not too sure if this is a PR stunt or not. The main character is called Razor Ramon HG, being Japanese culture he isn’t a straightforward camp comical character … Read morePutting the HOO! in Yahoo!

Kanji Selecta

Reading Time: 2 minutes British designers Terratag have got some new funky threads for all you folks mourning the departure of Burro. Their work draws on a number of influences including anime, manga, technology including giant robots and graffiti. The picture is one of their hooded top designs using a mixture of Kanji script and traditional Japanese imagery with … Read moreKanji Selecta

Shoot the creative

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNet’s News.com have been doing a special report on the resurgence of Japanese companies as innovators in consumer electronics and technology. One of the sections was called ‘Images from a neon culture’. Obviously, the picture editor hadn’t been briefed properly, with the notable exception of a camera shop in downtown Tokyo, grey was was the … Read moreShoot the creative