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Google Apps Still A Tiny Business — Only $50 Million A Year — But Microsoft Should Be In Major Panic Mode – Some interesting information on how it is disrupting Microsoft’s corporate pricing strategy

5 Essential Apps for Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators

Strange Days | whatleydude

How Wrong Is Net Censorship in Australia? The U.S. Government Is Officially Concerned About It – as Australia turns into North Korea

New PS3 firmware kills Linux | DigitalFoundry – Sony on a crash course to piss off geek gamers

Preview: Freebase Gridworks – dealing with the challenges of open data

The Digital Divide Will Ensure a Broadband Ghetto

A Conversation With Brad Garlinghouse, AOL’s President Of Consumer Applications – The Future of Manufacturing in the US and Europe – economists wake and smell the coffee

Economists Urge Government to Stop War on Piracy | TorrentFreak – Digital Economy Bill-type measures don’t make economic sense according to Spanish economists

Making Contact With Mr. Gmail | Webmonkey