Manuel Göttsching Solo @ 798

Reading Time: < 1 minute 798 is a former armaments factory built by East German engineers in Beijing in the early part of Mao Zetong’s leadership of China during the 1950s (before they had a bad falling out with the then Soviet Union). The buildings are now a series of galleries and workshops for artists (think a better funded, more … Read moreManuel Göttsching Solo @ 798

Fanny Wangs, Made in China and the brand gap

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fanny Wangs are the latest trendy headphones to come on the market going up against the Beats headsets put out by cable company Monster. The unique selling point of these headphones is a wishbone shaped stereo jack that allows a friend to plug their headphones into the same music source that you are listening to. … Read moreFanny Wangs, Made in China and the brand gap