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Ping the social network you probably never used

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Last week’s allthingsD conference provided speculation in the the media that Ping is likely to be shut down. Ping is the social network in iTunes that most people don’t even realise is there (its not to be mixed up with that Seesmic acquired and is in the process of shutting down). It is like a mash-up of Amazon reviews and, but is a bit of a failure.

Macworld has a good summary of many of the things that were wrong with Ping here. It could have been great and used in a similar way to iTunes playlists or Spotify lists for brands. I would add a number of other failings on to the list that MacWorld gave:

  • Ping only liked to you comment on albums and tracks that iTunes has in at that time. Some digital music isn’t on iTunes, other albums leave iTunes for different reasons, presumably because of licensing periods for the tracks, yet these recordings remain in people’s collections
  • Ping missed an opportunity to integrate iTunes with by scrobbling directly from the iTunes application rather than requiring a third-party application
  • The share via Twitter function wasn’t sufficiently granular in terms of its control

This post is archived from my former blog for PR Week.

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Occupy Hong Kong and the rise of social concern

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If you had seen the ragtag nature of the Occupy protests in the UK, the orderly city tents underneath the HSBC building Hong Kong looks genteel by comparison.
Occupy Hong Kong
It seems to be part of a wider social concern springing up there which manifests itself in concern about local independent shops, the power of supermarkets and the excess produce thrown away by supermarkets that could have been beneficial to the less fortunate in Hong Kong society.
More information
Hong Kong: are you a friend of the earth? Not if you shop at a supermarket – Jessie Tao’s blog

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Must-have media

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I got this chart from a report into US consumers by Experian. The 2011 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report looks at a wide range consumer usage patterns. One chart that really caught my eye was how the internet came to rival television amongst all generations. A second aspect was the way 18-34 year olds relied to a greater reliance on mobile connectivity than television.
must have media
It is remarkable to think how much the US has become a mobile country in the space of a decade. It used to be that the US was big in instant messaging and Europe was big in SMS – we are all mobile now.

Disclaimer: Experian is a client, though I only pulled up this data because I found it interesting, not because I was paid to. You’ve been warned.