Mariah Carey & other things that caught my eye this week

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Mariah Carey, media changes in 2020, coming shortages on rare earth metals, China and Russia’s threat to the west and the power of China.

Mariah Carey @ SingaporeGP 2010
Mariah Carey @ SingaporeGP 2010 by KWSW

I found it relatively easy this year to avoid a lot of the Christmas ads. Maybe because there are much bigger things to think about like the new UK government, protests from Chile to Hong Kong and the soap opera that is the Trump presidency.

Mariah Carey on aging is just tremendous: A Brief History of Mariah Carey Refusing to Acknowledge Time over at The Cut. It is hard to remember that Mariah Carey has a three decade career behind her that started when she was in her teens.

My old colleague Andy at New York creative agency Praytell have pulled together a US centric set of ideas on media changes to expect in 2020. The anticipated changes to the NCAA and Instagram are very interesting. The NCAA is a very lucrative franchise and yet the players get so poorly rewarded for their efforts.

I’ve been negative about the focus of lithium ion battery power for everything and this talk gives compelling economic and environmental arguments to look at alternatives like hydrogen fuel cells. This presentation on the coming shortages in rare earth metals should be a call to action.

Great panel at The New Enlightenment Conference held in Edinburgh looking at Russia and China and what it means for the west and the threat they present.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies produced this video on the power of China