RIM and the UAE

Reading Time: 2 minutes Back when I was growing up in Liverpool my Dad used to tell me that ‘if something was too good to be true, it’s because it was‘. Its one of those fantastic Irish logical conundrums but it hid a basic truth: it is a lot harder to be conned if you have few expectations of […]

The life through another’s lens

Reading Time: 1 minute In my kitchen hangs a calendar from Swift Abrasives Limited, courtesy of my Dad who works in the plant hire industry. It features nice photography and inspirational quotes from the likes of Helen Keller and Henry Ford. So what does a calendar look like for say someone involved in the war on terror. Well we […]

Honey, I think I’ve caught something…

Reading Time: 1 minute If you’ve seen the recent Mac vs PC adverts you’ll have probably noticed the spot about viruses (or should that be viri?). Basically due to its popularity and fundemental flaws in the design of the Windows platform, it is under threat from thousands of different malware applications. McAfee and Symantec have issued warnings about the […]

Grabbing a Tiger by its tail

Reading Time: 1 minute Corsaire have published a downloadable white paper on making Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) more secure. Whilst Tiger is the most secure OS that you can get on default settings, there is more scope to prevent less risk. Corsaire’s white paper covers everything from setting password policies to securing the firmware and is a valuable […]

Do not pass go

Reading Time: 1 minute The Economist has an interesting article about the pitfalls of modern ‘smart passports’ filled with biometric data. They highlighted a number of deficiencies: The data on the passports is unencrypted Passports can be read remotely with cheap easy to acquire equipment, making it easier for terrorists to target Americans Tests have shown that a significant […]