Links of the day

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Building Online Communities by the Numbers – ClickZ

Walkers Flavours – I really like Walkers integrated campaign, its also really handy from a consumer insight point-of-view

HK to become ‘creativity city’

How to Become an Early Riser

Scalable intimacy / we are social

MEX – Mobile touch is in its infancy

Microsoft: Sexier? More Intuitive? Not Yet but Maybe in 2019 – ReadWriteWeb

YOHO.CN 年轻人的城市 – interesting Chinese style magazine, similar to Milk

Hive Five: Best Home Server Software – interesting this came out with purely OSS solutions

Information Technology, 50 Years Ago

AppleInsider | Japanese “hate” for iPhone all a big mistake – Wired gets hit again on editorial integrity

OMG! Twitter is, like, so 2008 – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – check out Robin Grant’s comment

Symbol Signs | The Ministry of Type – love this, but then I have a softspot for great information architecture systems

The Japanese are iPhone haters… or are they? – Ars Technica – Wired article debate runs on and on, interesting issues on editorial fact checking raised

Unis rack up £1.6m saving with Google Apps switch – Hardware – Breaking Business and Technology News at – looking at numbers like this, maybe Microsoft’s share price isn’t undervalued after all and maybe its right to send Google to the anti-trust court room