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Ian Jindal on retailing

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Ian Jindal was on top form at the Sense Loft where he presented some interesting ideas about the future of retail. I know Ian from my work with Econsultancy. Ian Jindal is also the editor of Internet Retailing and consults for the great and the good of the retail sector. Some of the observations about technology made by Ian Jindal are of particular interest. I made some notes on the presentation in real time on my mobile phone and will try to elaborate around them in italics:

The UK

Ian Jindal addressed the overall health of retail and e-tail in the UK.

2008/2009 sales

Ian Jindal commented on a retail sector struggling with the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis


Ian Jindal on the future focused on the problem of getting to close a sale online and the role of data to signal user intent which is still a major problem.

Evolution of data

You can find Ian’s slides for this event here.