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Red Bull Mobile – is this the site of a new MVNO by the energy drinks giant?

The BBC is encrypting its HD signal by the back door | Technology |

Does your PR agency really understand Page Rank? A client checklist. « In Front Of Your Nose: An online PR blog

SeatCounter – The Booking Class Availability Machine

msearchgroove » Blog Archive » IThe Battle For The Living Room Begins; Will Our Enriched & Personal Viewing Experience Be Ad-Supported?

Hitwise Intelligence – Tylenol recall

Social media is real and here to stay | The Great Debate

Mobile growth to be fueled by new social UI…

Enjoy England Wizard » Home – interesting innovation for the Travel sector

Former Enron Executive Sentenced to 16 Months – DealBook Blog – – I feel dirty, I helped launch Enron Broadband Services back in the day. Even then a lot of what our clients were saying just didn’t make sense

Apple brings back Newton designer, defines irony

Benton Foundation | Who are the next Lickliders? – J.C.R. Licklider was a polymath professor and DARPA senior manager who was also the midwife to many of the computing successes that came out of the 1960s.

N900: Doomed from the start? – Mobile News

Vodafone Will Sell iPhone In UK, Too | mocoNews – it will be interesting to see if there is pricing differential between the handset companies. Secondly it looks like O2 is going to be squeezed hard. No one goes to O2 because of their network.

AP Stylebook Now Available As An iPhone App—For $28.99 | paidContent – handy for US PROs and PRs with US clients.