Bob Barker interviews….

I did an interview with Bob Barker for his blog last week, you can read his take on things over here .

I realise that we talk through a number of social platforms, so here is a list of what I use:

  • iMessage – though I have found it to be flaky
  • Skype
  • for RSS feeds. I am currently experimenting with FavShare as a Fastladder client on my iPad and iPhone which started after my interview with Bob
  • for social bookmarking
  • IFTTT to syndicate content
  • Microblogging: I use the Twitter client on my Macs at home, and on my iPhone. I use Weibo’s iPhone client and WeiLark for the Mac to post on my Weibo account
  • I use Kakao Talk and Tencent Weixin social messaging clients on my iPhone

The video is on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.