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Why do diplomats use this alien WhatsApp emoji for Vladimir Putin? | Technology | The Guardian – personally I’d still want to be using Signal rather than giving Facebook indirect oversight of messaging

VCR era ends due to lack of chips – and demand | Electronics EETimes – interesting analysis of the engineering that went into analogue video recorders

How did China’s Xi Jinping secure ‘core’ status in just four years? | South China Morning Post

The Story of the Self Destruction of Deutsche Bank – SPIEGEL ONLINE – fascinating read

Microsoft Is Looking Like the New Apple | MIT Technology Review – this isn’t the headline Apple want. Its kind of like the immediate aftermath of Windows 95. I think Apple’s interface design call is right but its marketing, product design and pricing is fucked. If they had put 32GB RAM in the machine, hadn’t upped the pricing and messed with the ports as badly this wouldn’t be a problem. It’s execution which is failing them

Is the Gig Economy Cannibalizing or Creating Jobs? Here’s Some Early Evidence. – The Experts – WSJ – that the spreading gig economy (at least in the case of ride-sharing) is, in fact, substituting for some payroll employment, or at least depressing its growth.

China Prepares To Impose Curbs, “Capital Controls” On Bitcoin – inevitable to control capital outflows. Given China’s market maker status it could also weaponise bitcoin