Stone Island + more things

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Stone Island

Arco Maher’s video lookbook for Stone Island via Dazed & Confused. With the book Maher and Stone Island are trying to draw a clear line between the Milan Paninaro sub-culture of the 1980s and urban British youth. There are clear parallels for Stone Island to draw on: conspicuous consumption, international orientation love of club related music. However the Paninaro look itself now has faded into staples of street style so is no longer distinct. Also Stone Island earned itself an unenviable reputation as the clothing of football casuals in the UK. A Stone Island top was enough to get you barred from many establishments.


This Cheesy, 1980s Promotional Video for a Northern Nightclub is UK Nightlife’s Finest Hour | Thump – OMG was the first thing that sprung out of my mouth watching this. I spent a good deal of my university time in Halifax working part-time as a market research analyst. This early 1980s glamour is so faraway from what the town was when I was there. The video reminds of Fitzcarraldo; bringing culture and class to an otherwise inhospitable place for their endeavour.

The Webbys

The Webby Awards have a good Instagram account. This quote from Iain Tait stood out for me. Is it about agencies, the metaphysics of quality or both – you decide.


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BMW films

BMW Films have returned, its a 13 minute feature film. Jon Bernthal plays the foil to Clive Owen in a role that is eerily similar to the look and feel of The Accountant. I wasn’t impressed with him on his outing as The Punisher on Daredevil, but if he keeps this up – he could work on the standalone series if Marvel gave it the go-ahead.

Start up stock tracker

The Startup Stock Tracker – – based on secondary market value (don’t expect an update every 15 minutes)