ThinkingAloud: The Twitter Man

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had a long caffiene-filled weekend chilling out reading old Wired articles on counter-culture, prediction markets and social media when an idea came to me. Why not combine the approach of Luke Rhinehart’s novel The Dice Man with an ad-hoc prediction market being substituted for the pseudo-chaotic responses provided by a pair of dice. Like … Read moreThinkingAloud: The Twitter Man

2K8 and beyond for technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes Predictions and hopes: The iPhone and its multi-touch screen has defined the mobile user experience. Whilst by no means perfect, it has shone a light on an area of innovation that companies as diverse as Nokia, Google and Microsoft are also focused on. More importantly it has raised consumers expectations of what makes a good … Read more2K8 and beyond for technology

Event: Webbys 5 at the ICA

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was invited by some Poke London folk to go along to an event promoting the Webby awards this evening. The highlight was a series of talks, each bounded by restrictions inspired by the Webby’s five-word acceptance speech limits: The organisers managed to get along a number of great speakers: This isn’t a complete capture … Read moreEvent: Webbys 5 at the ICA

A site named Sue

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Johnny Cash sung A Boy named Sue, he knew the value of a name. I thought of Johnny Cash, when I was reading danah boyd’s blog. danah talked about her new car and the way she named it and I thought about my first ride. My first car was a dilapidated Fiat 500 called … Read moreA site named Sue