Talk Nowt

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good to see that standards are as high as ever at my former employers Edelman. The Orange team there were forced to send out the following correction after a defective press release:Further to the Orange release that was sent out this morning, we wish to point out that the header for some of you read […]

The Mother of All Websites

Reading Time: 1 minute Mother the marketing agency are known for the their creativity, including Munkey: the one good thing to come out of ITV Digital as well as their crap hard-nosed business man and strange teaching child campaign for Orange. Anyway, smart though they are they forgot to register the dot co dot uk version of their web […]

Coca-Cola Makes Up For Dumb Marketers

Reading Time: 1 minute Beverage monster Coca-Cola has put some clever viral clips on the web in a cunning ploy to target early beverage adopters with its new apple flavour Fanta, aside from lacking a human LD50 serving of caffiene its bright process green colour an artificial taste could make it an ideal rival to Mountain Dew for a […]

Telephone Preference Service – Postcard from the trenches

Reading Time: 1 minute I had an interesting conversation with some friends working in telemarketing. Most of the companies that have signed up to the TPS are small-to-medium sized businesses. They welcome this as it means that they can pre-filter their prospects, a couple of major names stuck out in the conversation, Moss Bros the tailors and Carphone Warehouse […]

BT signs Jeremy Clarkson for ad campaign, wags start their engines

Reading Time: 2 minutes A quick skim of the infospam that comes from various IT news organisations reviewing the weeks news came up with this gem courtesy of the merry pranksters at St Katherines tower: And finally, everybody’s favourite incumbent telco has signed up everybody’s favourite jacket-and-jeans wearing braggart for its latest advertising campaign. That’s right: BT and Jeremy […]