PR Braindrain epilogue

Reading Time: 1 minute Further to my PR Braindrain posting the other week, the UK edition of PR Week (January 14, 2005) ran a copy of my letter to the editor on the subject. Badly run agencies will face brain drain I was surprised to read some of the comments in a Financial Times article last week on an … Read morePR Braindrain epilogue

Krafty Kuts

Reading Time: 1 minute Kraft Foods announced a welcome development. That it was looking to shift its advertising spend from directly targeting six-to-eleven year olds in pursuit of the ‘nag factor’ to sell products like Oreos and several child-orientated cereals. In addition, it was looking to roll out a flagging system to point out healthier items in their range. … Read moreKrafty Kuts

PR Braindrain

Reading Time: 4 minutes The FT has an interesting article on the drain of agency PR talent inhouse. Quite bizarrely the PRCA claims that the solution is making PR more measurable and enhancing the view of PR as a profession. Respect will benefit in-house practitioners and attract new competition from management consultants for PR agencies. The real issue is … Read morePR Braindrain

How to win pitches and influence people

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pete Gill of The Survey Shop sent through part four of their research into the market for PR agency services in the UK called Winners metrics and how to win more pitches. Interesting take-outs include:The five important elements to ensure that an agency is long listed for consideration were:   Reputation Relevant previous experience Getting … Read moreHow to win pitches and influence people

Marketing New Years Resolutions

Reading Time: 1 minute Jack Morton’s 360 degree newsletter had an interesting article here. A summary of the must do items for marketers in 2005 is listed below: Marketers will look at and do campaigns that cut out the media middle man in their relationships with consumers Marketers and agencies will have a more positive problem solving mindset – … Read moreMarketing New Years Resolutions